Terms of Sale for Installs

What's included in the cost of the install?

Cost includes everything apart from the power supply from the mains board o the new air conditioning system.

How much warranty comes with my new air conditioning?

You'll need to have your air conditioning maintained each year to get the warranty from the manufacturer.

What type of air conditioning system will I get?

We only install reputable, recognised brands from leading manufacturers.

What power supply do I need for my air conditioning system?

The power supply required ranges between 16Amps to 60Amps, single phase or three phase supply and must be within 6m of the location where the outdoor unit is mounted.

We can also install the supply for you, ask us to provide this when we quote you*

Our online quote calculator results will show you what size of power supply you'll need for your air conditioner. 

* Mains/fuse board power supply installation is available at an additional cost.

Do I need to supply drainage?


Wall mounted aircon drainage needs to be within 6m from the indoor air handler. When drainage is further than 6m or unavailable for wall mounted aircon then we can offer the optional extra of a condensate pump that will pump the condensation water outside the building up to 15m away. Longer distances for drainage aren't a problem just ask us.

Ceiling cassette aircon  includes a condensate drain pump which can drain upto 15m away. Longer distances for drainage aren't a problem just ask us. 

What's the limit on the distance for the air conditioning pipework?

The online price quoted is for installation of pipwork up to 15m in distance from the indoor to the outdoor unit. Longer pipe runs aren't a problem just let us know.

Are there any travel tariffs for locations within the UK?

Yes, please view our online air conditioning cost calculator and enter your postcode? 

What is the air conditioner capacity for people and equipment in the room?

The room sizes and the air conditioner kW capacity provided by the calculator are based on an average, we always advise that you tell us what capacities you require when you send us your detials or when you speak to us by phone.

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* 5 years parts and labour warranty are subject to a service maintenance carried out by Airconology each year following the installation date.