COVID-19 SAFE Coronavirus Company Policy 

Our company staff and their families have implemented a plan to reduce the risk of infection with the aim of safeguarding you the customer and us.
The work that we do means in most cases we need to visit your premises where there are others that may or may not be affected by Covid-19.
Our aim as a service company is to thoughtfully and safely continue to provide services to you and to be recognised as a company that safeguards its customer's businesses and those who work within them.
From now on and until further notice we will be operating a COVID-19 SAFE company policy.
The guidelines for this company policy are as follows:
All of our staff will avoid any physical contact with other people in all circumstances.

Personal Protection Equipment

When necessary fresh disposable gloves will be worn during our visit. We will only visit if it is safe to do so.
I.e. If there has been an outbreak at the location we are scheduled to visit the visit will be cancelled until the outbreak is contained.
All surfaces touched during a visit by us will be wiped with antibacterial wipes immediately after the surface is made available again to you and is likely to be touched by your staff and other people within your business within 3 hours. 
Masks are issued to all of our staff. We are recommending our staff to wear a mask at all times while working at a customer's location.
Whenever possible our staff will keep 2 meter away from other people.

Services Vehicles & Tools

Steering wheels, gear knobs, indicator and other steering control switches, seat belts, dash screens, buttons and handles and all tools our engineers use will be wiped each time before and after visiting you the customer.

Job Sheets

You will not be required to touch screen to give a signature. Instead we will write the word covid-19 in the relevant signature boxes.


During visits we make to suppliers for parts and equipment our staff will wear gloves where required. Any surfaces of parts or equipment that we collected or returned to the supplier will be wiped. These surfaces will be where the Covid-19 virus could survive on the surface. Our staff will avoid contact with other people during their visits to suppliers.

Self Isolation

Any of our staff that display the symptoms of covid-19 virus will be advised to self isolate themselves and anyone in the household for 14 days. 
 For covid-19 information and self isolation

The Company

The company will continue to provide services as normal; operating under the policy until we are requested or advised to do differently by authorities.

Social Distancing 

Our staff our being advised to follow Government advice regarding social distancing. This is generally avoiding being in all places where there is a higher risk of contracting covid-19.
Visit the government site for more information
If you have any questions about our Covid-19 Safe company policy then please feel free to phone us or send an email using our contact form.
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What our customers say

Comfort Eating

"Our customers think its brilliant, especially the ones who knew our restaurant from before air conditioning. It's also great for the heating it provides in the real winter months, the big glass windows we have in the restaurant let the heat and cold out as easily as they let it in. It was definitely worth the cost of air conditioning"

Bob, The Trawlerman - Keighley


We are super happy with the excellent work you did installing our new air conditioning in our school IT classroom. Nice smart job and good workmanship leaving everything neat and tidy inside and out after the install. Its made a massive difference to the class making it really comfortable for our students to learn, come rain, sunshine or snow.

Sarah, Wilbraham Primary School

Abergele Golf Club

The new air conditioning installed in our new indoor driving and training facility is golden. All year round perfect training conditions are part of the driving success of our facility.

The facility was a new investment at the club for us and the choice to go with Airconology has given us a real return. You have our commendation for the detail you demonstrated in order to provide managed airflow into the facility and the connection to the fire prevention system. The install cost we saved on using AC to heat and cool the place really helped with the overall budget. Thank you for all your work.

Simon, Abergele Golf Club


It didn't take much time to find the best deal for air conditioning as you were at the top of google with the best deal. From quote to completion your company was quick and effective. Removing our old equipment and fitting the new air conditioning back and front of house was done overnight with no inconvenience, what a remarkable service, thank you. Regardless of the weather our outlet now has the perfect conditions for customers to enjoy a pleasant eating experience and a comfortable environment for our staff to work in. I will recommend your services to other business owners as I know they will benefit from your air conditioning services.

Forid, Subway Leeds